QRESTIA Inc. is a global company creating world-wide business
by combining the advanced IT technology and sophisticated Web marketing insight.
Our passion is to develop business on a global scale from an international perspective.


-Our Business-

QRESTIA Inc. consist of professionals of SEO, web content developments. We manage media by making full use of automatic system technology and statistics. We regard not only domestic but the world as one enormous market.


Cybersecurity Infomation Gathering Tool

SCANN is a search engine designed to make investigations which usually handled manually easier and efficient. SCANN is able to search "Users" by searching large number of web sites such as various social media, forums, community sites, membership sites, and any other sites online from user IDs and handle names. SCANN is especially useful when searching for an identity registered by different IDs among several websites. As one of notable functions, SCANN introduces the world's first reverse searching function which is not performed on other search engines, and we are developing a function to support under the dark web.


FOTORIA On-location photo shoot service


FOTORIA is a platform matching photographers (both professionals and amateurs) and clients. Clients are able to search and request an on-location photo shoots to registered photographers. FOTORIA offers clients to leave these precious moments in data.

» FOTORIA on-location photo shoot service

Multilingual Listing Advertisement Publishing

Search advertising consulting

Publishing listing ads internationally creates bigger opportunities for your business. QRESTIA ad team consits of diverse members offers ad consulting support for Google, Bing, Yahoo.com, Yahoo!Kimo, Yahoo!JAPAN, and other search engines. Supported languages are following: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and other languages in clients' needs.

Fraudulent Clicking Eliminate System (Closed β)

Fraud Detection system

At least 40% of internet traffic is bot traffic. Our product is to designed to protect clients' PPC clicks from fraudsters and bots. By introducing our cloud system 'AI Guard', clients are not only able to detect malicious ad clicks done by robots but also filter and report them. Our system with advanced algorithms will detect changing IP addresses and blocks fraud clicks by monitoring device details. Clients are able to export reports of clicks, and report to Google, Yahoo!, and other platforms and ask for a refund on admin console.


Owned media

The statistic shows over 55% of tourists plan their trip by gathering information online. Our online media publish tha latest information that is not found in guidebooks.

» Lifestyle, Economy, Travel and Visa Information of USA: View America
» Travel/Study in Canada: GoCanada
» Travel/Study in Australia: GoAustralia

Immigration Support

Immigration Consulting

Our Immigration support team offers clients to simplify their visa processes. Clients are able to save much time dealing with foreign governments and authorities. Our support team consists of experienced staffs will support each clients in need of visa. We handle over 10,000 applications annually.


-Who We Are-

Qrestia Inc.

QRESTIA Inc. is a global company creating diverse businesses. The name QRESTIA is coined by our CEO Hidemasa Fukada. Inspired by to 'Quest', 'Crest', and 'Quality'.
We develop our business in high standard Quality which lead the team to the crest of industry.
And we wish our team members and clients to Quest their thoughts ant enjoy their lives.


-We Are Hiring-

We are hiring in several positions.
Join us and create contents in diverse environment.

クレスティア スタッフスタッフ

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Hiring Positions
Front-end Developer
Web Designer
Growth Hacker
Business Operator
Customer Support (English/Japanese)
Customer Suppoer(Other languages)
Work Time
Flextime(Core Time: 11:00 - 16:00)
Work Place
Tokyo - Shibuya Office
'SHIBUYA' Sta. by JR, Tokyo Metro, and other lines / 'OMOTESANDO' Sta. by Tokyo Metro

Welfares Provided: Social Inuarance, Housing/Transportation Allowance, Severance Pay, Free vending machine, Massage chairs in Office, etc)

*Our recruit details are disclosed only in Japanese.

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-Company Details-

Trade Name:
8F VORT AOYAMAⅡ, 2-1-12 Shibuya, Tokyo, 1500002,Japan
Date Founded:
2016 APRIL 1st
Capital Stock:
6,000,000 JPY (As of March 2020)
Founder CEO:
FUKADA Hidemasa
17 (Included Regular, Contracted, and Part-time)
Partner Researchers 131 (As of March 2020)
FUKUDA Etsuo of Shin-Yamato Tax Corporation
Main Bank(s):
Resona Bank, Japan Net Bank
Japan Ministry of Defense
Yahoo Japan Corporation, Google LLC
PayPal Pte. Ltd., Payoneer Japan Ltd., Microsoft, PR TIMES, Inc., Facebook Japan Inc., Relo Club, Limited
Registered Handler of Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications (Number: A-30-16812)
Third class license of Travel Industry (No.3−7426, Authorized by the Governor of Tokyo)
License of Antiques Trading (No.303301804206, Authorized by Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission)
'SHIBUYA' Sta. by JR, Tokyo Metro, and other lines / 'OMOTESANDO' Sta. by Tokyo Metro